Why Us | strandbyme

Why Us

Why us you ask eh? Simply because we would never leave you stranded!

Strandbyme is a truly Indian brand that sources ethically and understands Indian ethnicity.

The reasons you should #strandbyme are endless, just like the volume of our hair extensions! Still here you go-

  • Give Rapunzel competition with instant length
  • Turn up the VOLUME notches higher with our versatile products!
  • Fits you like a crown- designed for all shapes and sizes of head
  • Easy peasy clipping in. Don't worry. You got this
  • Light as feather on your hair and your pocket! Go figure :P
  • Quality & Quantity matters, and our 100% original remy hair got both ;)
  • DIY maxxx..- easy to use, quicker to put on than making instant noodles!
  • No Chemicals, no hair growth pills, no false promises & no damage done!
  • Lasts you a lifetime just like real hair. Only even better!
  • Next big thing to naturally growing your hair. 
  • We bend but we don't break. Curl, iron, dye, spray!
  • 100% original luscious Remy hair extensions.


  • If hair care was a car Remy hair is the Rolls Royce!
  • Reduce to zero tangles, Reuse for multiple times, Recycle as we source ethically!
  • Pssst.. Did you know hair has cuticles too? Also did you know Remy hair has aligned cuticles that give you perks and perfect placement over synthetic hair?
  • Turn up the heat! Use a straightener, curler, waver, crimper, blow drier. WE can't promise microwaves :P
  • Raise your hair and your bar by going original with Remy hair.
  • Also, we are the galaxy's finest, best quality, awesome sauce, superior-est hair extensions!
  • More Queries?.. Whoops! Can't hear you over the VOLUME of my hair!!