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Indian Culture

" India is the land of festivals and we girls don't need a reason to dress up! Why not dress up the hair too? " Here is a look that should be prime in your books! Braids are a very understated way of arranging your hair. However owing to our gorgeous Indian ethnicity of being brunettes and having the perfect desirable cinnamon tan skin, there's so much we can pull off! Hair braiding is truly an art which can be mastered with the perfect braiding technique and the hair volume. Hair volume makes a lot of difference to the thickness of the braid and the slickness of your look! Braids were always associated with grandmomma but lo and behold! Now...

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      When my momma glared at me and said "Wait till you get your own set" I should have known she was talking about the kids.. Karma is one old sadistic mother who's raised Calvin, Shinchan and Dennis the menace and is now a smirking grandmother waiting for history to déjà vu!              Having your babies is nothing like the commercials where the diapers get changed in seconds and you are the unfazed mommy without a hair out of place. Agreed Johnson, it's no more tears for the kids but what about the hair tearing one goes through ? But sigh, like the saying goes "The love of a mother is like no...

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