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Once upon a time..

How to get Rapunzel like hair? Be born as a princess in some royal castle Get abducted by an evil witch Get locked in a castle while you grow your hair longer Time needed- A Lifetime ..oh and a prince charming too! The chances of this happening seem very short and lank (just like your hair :p) Alternately try eating right, taking vitamins, putting right hair packs, getting a zillion hair treatments and maybe the odds will be in your favour! Or simply take this one decision and make yourself the investment of a lifetime. Treat yourself with a lifetime of hair happiness in the form of Strandbyme. Strandbyme are ethically curated hair extensions made of awesome Indian remy hair....

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Let’s braid some sunshine!

Coffee date? Day at the park? Movie date? Jeans is your safest bet ! But what about the hair.. How does one do a casual hairdo when there’s nothing casual about handling hair. Bad hair days are inversely proportional to an important date. The more cuter your date is the more erratic your hair behaves. Trust me! Everytime I have an important engagement, my heart beats faster and my hair goes flatter! It’s like my hair has a mind of it’s own covered in there somewhere ;) When dating in summer opt for some “flower power” a.k.a braided flower hairstyle. It is elegant and yet manages to look chic. This hairstyle can be worn with a jeans or culottes or...

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Hairafter: A happily every after!

Having a haircut is like getting married. You are nervous and excited, you don’t know what the outcome would be but nevertheless you need to go ahead! You know you are going to regret it at some point and every girl has this phase where she just wants to go #shorthairdontcare.. The first step of getting short hair is getting those luscious tresses chopped. Every woman living life on the edge, goes through it with mixed emotions. Viola! You like the new hair, you feel lighter, you feel great. You feel the difference and the money’s worth and a couple of selfies later you think it’s happily ever after...but is it? Once the short hair honeymoon phase is over ,...

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Strandbyme turns one!!

What's the big dope today? Independence Day? Yes but from what?  At Strandbyme we believe it is independence to dress your hair right and freedom from any further bad hair days!  Strandbyme is a year old baby today.. And we wanted to address all our patrons on this day and thank them for letting us making every hair flip of theirs count..

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