Strandbyme turns one!! | strandbyme

Strandbyme turns one!!

What's the big dope today?

Independence Day? Yes but from what? 

At Strandbyme we believe it is independence to dress your hair right and freedom from any further bad hair days! 

Strandbyme is a year old baby today.. And we wanted to address all our patrons on this day and thank them for letting us making every hair flip of theirs count..

This one year journey started with a revolutionary dream to introduce luxury hair extensions to the Indian market. Hair extensions are a very under rated product in this market! Our country has been a lot about fair and lovely and less about sleek and shiny.. But Indian hair being one of the finest in quality needs more hair care - a fact we always overlook. When we go to malls we shop based on offers and not the quality of hair. Also because all Indians have raven color hair and are largely brunettes we often forget that though the hair color is similar the hair type is different and needs care accordingly. Other challenges are that we blindly ape the westerners and take to chemicals and pills for Rapunzel like hair in vain but ended up with no happily ever after.. 

Hence to address all these and more Strandbyme was born. Started by the inspiring duo of Akhila Reddy and Keerti Nori, Strandbyme came into existence over a bad hair cut decision. As they say, one thing leads to another and a bad haircut leads to a desperate search for a cover up online. The online world can sell you anything but sometimes being a third world country facing a first world problem can be quiet cumbersome. Ok I won't talk in riddles now, but finding luxury hair extensions in India matching Indian ethnicity and unparalleled quality is like trying to get Cersie and Khalessi in the same room- a needle in the haystack! 

So with some love, loads of quality and large research we decided all you Women lack one thing - some one to stand by you on bad hair days. Only we decided to alter that and invited you to Strandbyme! Strandbyme's objective has been to empower women to have the cake and eat it too i.e. To be able to choose quality hair extensions that are superbly curated ethically keeping in mind the Indian ethnicity. To fulfill mission awesome hair our team at Strandbyme painstakingly goes through strong research and development.  Believe it or not but over cupcake sessions we decipher the average Indian female head size, the best remy hair quality and Indian hair color palette! All of these magical ingredients thrown together have been the lease of Strandbyme ! 

And with humble beginnings we started with our first client, our first word of mouth, our first 'making every hair flip count' and today when we see our product on the heads of gorgeous brides to be, lady bosses at work to actresses and models we know we stand for all and can never leave you ladies stranded! 

Shine on and remember everything is hair in love and war