Spring’s here, Hair’s why you should care! | strandbyme

Spring’s here, Hair’s why you should care!

With the sun out and the sunblock firmly in your totes, here’s welcome some spring! Darlings, there is a spring in my feet as I see the gorgeous flowers around and sip on my cold buttermilk. I can’t help but wonder how Meghan Markle is feeling before her big wedding, I’m sure she’s having some hair wrecking moments. I on the other hand am total royalty ready (Henry you missed me by two aisle seats on that flight love); I even have my lovely crown of hair extensions to prove it.

Everyone’s wondering how I am so peachy and balmy this spring considering till last year I never wanted to have anything to do with spring and had possibly considered a one way to ticket to Sweden. But that’s me, always a solution if not a problem. My spring agony used to be the heat drying my hair and it had reached a point of agitation so much that I lived with hair bandanas and even considered having a pixie cut before Katy Perry stole the idea.

However, the rebel that my hair is, it just didn’t want to go under a summer hat or layers of bandana wraps this year. So after a lot of research I came across the wonderful product called “Strandbyme” and I lurve it. Crafted for Indian ethnicity using remy hair this was one wicked product that was the Veronica to my Archie and Darcy to my Liz (summer reading on point!).

So here’s the one look I did this spring and I’m already more bling than the sun!

Step 1- Put on your strandbyme clip in extensions. Since they come in various strips, you can play around the volume and decide just how loud you want to be!

Step 2- You know you are looking good just this way too but let’s get to the styling part. Use a ironer and straighten the lowest belt of your hair.

Step 3- Curl the upper belt of your hair.

Step 4- create a high pony and tie it.

Step 5- Give some swirls so that you spruce up some nice curls.

Step 6- Wear some white and look cool as a cucumber!

Alright ladies, need to go for my aqua aerobics class now. Summer body is just 1 month away but good hair is happening NOW! Tatas.. xoxo