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What’s Your Hair Quality Type?

What’s Your Hair Quality Type

Are you the wavy sorts frizzy or are you the twisted one making the most volume? Are you all in for
cascading curls or poker straight a.k.a badgirlriri?
Take this quiz and find out what exactly is your hair quality type!

What’s your age?

  1. Under 20
  2. In the dirty 30s
  3. In the naughty 40s
  4. I’m the thrifty fifty
  5. I’m not saying!

How easy is it to style your hair?

  1. As easy as a wink
  2. A little a more than than 15 minutes
  3. A good 30 minutes.. No snooze buttons for me :/
  4. An hour but hey I am high maintenance
  5. I’m never ever fully done!

How thick and silk is your hair?

  1. They call me Rapunzel!
  2. They call me almost Rapunzel!
  3. I’m your regular girl next door with regular hair
  4. I’d like to blame my genes for this scanty rough hair
  5. They call me Halloween hair. Doesn’t get worse

How often can you wash your hair without it turning into a hot mess?

  1. Every 2 days
  2. Every 3 days
  3. Every 4 days
  4. Once a week
  5. I live under a rock!

What celebrity does your hair resemble?

  1. Jacqueline Fernandez- bountiful of hair!
  2. Sonam Kapoor- I ‘cannes’ do it!
  3. Deepika Padukone- Neither here nor there
  4. Kangana Ranaut- The original
  5. Lola Kutty?

Do you use a lot of chemicals and sprays on your hair to maintain it?

  1. I’m blessed with natural good hair
  2. Haven’t felt the need yet
  3. Not really
  4. Hell yeah!
  5. Do they sell in bulk?



Mostly 1’s- You are blessed with insane lovely hair! You can take on the world one strand at a time!
Mostly 2’s- You have hair sheen that makes others go green.. So make every hair flip count!
Mostly 3’s- You have both good hair and bad hair days but darling everything is hair in love and war!
Mostly 4’s- Aww.. Surely if you decide to #strandbyme you can get right on top of your hair game!
Mostly 5’s- You pioneered the word ‘hairzilla’ but congrats you are finally at the right place .. Your
good hair days began now!