Once upon a time.. | strandbyme

Once upon a time..

How to get Rapunzel like hair?

  1. Be born as a princess in some royal castle
  2. Get abducted by an evil witch
  3. Get locked in a castle while you grow your hair longer

Time needed- A Lifetime ..oh and a prince charming too!

The chances of this happening seem very short and lank (just like your hair :p)

Alternately try eating right, taking vitamins, putting right hair packs, getting a zillion hair treatments and maybe the odds will be in your favour!

Or simply take this one decision and make yourself the investment of a lifetime.

Treat yourself with a lifetime of hair happiness in the form of Strandbyme. Strandbyme are ethically curated hair extensions made of awesome Indian remy hair. The hair is original and is the highest grade of human hair possible. If hair was a car, strandbyme is the Rolls Royce- everyone wants it but few are bestowed with it. These clip in extensions are designed tress-dynamically and enhance your hair looking like a natural extension of it! Go make some noise with strandbyme’s volume!