MOMMY ON THE GO | strandbyme


      When my momma glared at me and said "Wait till you get your own set" I should have known she was talking about the kids.. Karma is one old sadistic mother who's raised Calvin, Shinchan and Dennis the menace and is now a smirking grandmother waiting for history to déjà vu! 

            Having your babies is nothing like the commercials where the diapers get changed in seconds and you are the unfazed mommy without a hair out of place. Agreed Johnson, it's no more tears for the kids but what about the hair tearing one goes through ? But sigh, like the saying goes "The love of a mother is like no other" we surrender once we see the smiles of those little tykes created by us and yet we are reminded the greatest joy of nature that a woman enjoys: motherhood. I concur - having your babies is nothing like the commercials.. It's even better! If motherhood was a school it's definitely made me unlearn time management and learn how to run marathons.. And of course juggling between the kids homework, school, tuitions, sports classes, meal hours et al I look like a hybrid between an exhausted zombie and a graffiti wall (picture that!). Sometimes I'd hope there was someone to standbyme while the husband's away and I go through the motions , other times I'm glad I don't have to share my angels with anyone else !  As  schizophrenic, tough and rewarding parenthood is, I sometimes need to remind myself to take 'hair'..oops care.. of me and that's when I opt to "Strandbyme".. 

Presenting three easy peasy looks for the mommy on the go who's got mission break-the-siblings-fight and get-them-to-study on her agenda.. These makeovers can literally be done between all the kiddie chores and are as effortless as making your kids eat chocolate! Plus you will be sauntering like a Santoor mommy and the world will ask "How do you do it?" while you just helplessly smile *we'll keep your little secret*!

Start with placing in your Strandbyme Clip-in hair extensions in place. I know it already feels like your hair looks so much better, voluptuous and luscious, but go ahead and try these looks-


Step 1- Side part your hair to whichever side the fall is better and natural and adds volume to your hair.

Step 2- On the larger parted side, take a generous strand of your hair and braid it alongside.

Step 3- End the braiding near your ear and tuck it firmly in place with some pins.

Step 4- Smoothen the hair out and comb the lower hair evenly. You could run your hands gently through your hair to give a fuller appearance.

Pro Tip- Curl your hair from below to accentuate this yummy-mummy-next-door look.



Step 1-Comb your hair well and remove any tangles.

Step 2- Make a half pony. Use an elastic band to tie the pony in place. Pull on the hair from below the band to secure positioning and avoid stray hairs

Step 3- Now hold the free pony tail hair below the elastic band and start braiding it till the end.

Step 4- once its braided, secure the tip with another elastic band so that it’s foolproof.

Step 5- Make a wheel by rolling in the braided pony tail.

Step 6- Roll it all the way back to the start of the pony tail and secure it firmly with pins.

Pro Tip- Use some hair serum to smoothen your hair and give you this hot momma look.



Step 1- Take all your hair on one side- either left or right.

Step 2- Divide your hair into two shafts- An upper shaft and a lower shaft.

Step 3- Braid using only these two by simultaneously placing one above each other.

Step 4- Tie it in place ensuring it stays on the side chosen by you.

Pro Tip- Choose the natural side your hair falls as that enhances your new-age mommie appearance.