Let’s braid some sunshine! | strandbyme

Let’s braid some sunshine!

Coffee date? Day at the park? Movie date? Jeans is your safest bet ! But what about the hair.. How does one do a casual hairdo when there’s nothing casual about handling hair. Bad hair days are inversely proportional to an important date. The more cuter your date is the more erratic your hair behaves. Trust me! Everytime I have an important engagement, my heart beats faster and my hair goes flatter! It’s like my hair has a mind of it’s own covered in there somewhere ;)

When dating in summer opt for some “flower power” a.k.a braided flower hairstyle. It is elegant and yet manages to look chic. This hairstyle can be worn with a jeans or culottes or even a breezy skirt without looking over the top. Of course the hairstyle calls for more volume, but you can always lock it in with gorgeous remy hair locks from Strandbyme. Here’s a quick DIY styling that you cannot go wrong with!

  1. Part the hair down in the middle.
  2. Create a small, simple braid on one side and secure with elastics taking it to the other side
  3. Twirl it on the side to create a flower patter
  4. Lock it in with a pin
  5. Have a happy date