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Indian Culture

" India is the land of festivals and we girls don't need a reason to dress up! Why not dress up the hair too? "

Here is a look that should be prime in your books!

Braids are a very understated way of arranging your hair.

However owing to our gorgeous Indian ethnicity of being brunettes and having the perfect desirable cinnamon tan skin, there's so much we can pull off! Hair braiding is truly an art which can be mastered with the perfect braiding technique and the hair volume. Hair volume makes a lot of difference to the thickness of the braid and the slickness of your look!

Braids were always associated with grandmomma but lo and behold! Now this has revamped with more chic hairstyles such as fish tails and French plaits..

Strandbyme aids you in creating the perfect long luscious thick braid.. just don it on and braid yourself an endless rope of gorgeous hair ! Seen here is a look we created and absolutely crush on.. what definitely stands out is the length of hair and the prominency of thickness!

Also having the perfect Indian outfit can be an add on ;)

Festive alert: Here's the real firecracker