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Hairafter: A happily every after!

Having a haircut is like getting married. You are nervous and excited, you don’t know what the outcome would be but nevertheless you need to go ahead! You know you are going to regret it at some point and every girl has this phase where she just wants to go #shorthairdontcare.. The first step of getting short hair is getting those luscious tresses chopped. Every woman living life on the edge, goes through it with mixed emotions. Viola! You like the new hair, you feel lighter, you feel great. You feel the difference and the money’s worth and a couple of selfies later you think it’s happily ever after...but is it? Once the short hair honeymoon phase is over , you know you are in the awkward zone (refer friendzone) where you just want to go back to being you. What do you do now?  What happens when the haircut goes wrong? Either you wait for the hair to grow, while you outgrow your patience or you #strandbyme..

Hair is to a woman a crown she adorns and adores. But when a haircut goes wrong fixing it can be a hair-tearing situation. Real-life crisis is THIS! Lucky for me and for you to be reading this, fix your tresses with hair that’s so original even you’d look plastic. Enter Strandbyme- original remy hair curated ethically for Indian ethnicity. Love, life, sunshine and laughter, strandbyme ensure a happy hair after!