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Girls Night Out

Diwali is over darlings and so is the season of blingOfcourse I Believe in Santa Claus & Christmas and Santa knows I have been a good girl this year!

 ! I'm all for hearts and flowers, but with #selflove as my 2017 mantra something about sisters before misters is what keeps my female entourage going.. Having my girl gang beside can almost equal having a good hair day ;) 
There's nothing like letting my hair down and about and spending the night away having some mimosas and channelling my inner Marilyn Monroe.. I'd say Audrey but Breakfast at Tiffany's is too mainstream.. I'd even say let's have a Pajama party but honey, sleepovers are so passé!

So love, have a little faith and martini and trust me when I tell you that Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night out with her gang and a pretty dress! So pour yourself one stiff drink, put on some lipstick and hop with me for a night of revel and debauchery! We kiss but we don't tell ;)

An epic girls night out is when no one is to sleep and you have Taylor swift on the repeat! Though the plans fall in place and so does my foundation and base, getting my hair to behave for the whole night and the much after after-party would be a problem earlier..but not since I patronise #strandbyme! These Remy hair clip-in-extensions have changed the game altogether and I'd choose original Remy over those fake hair extensions any day, as all my hotness is going to make your plastic melt.. Lol *mental high five* 

So without further ado, let's get this party started! Only cause you asked, I'm sharing these three looks for letting you paint the town red tonight and being the main hustle! Sigh! Give the girl the right hair (and my advice) and she can conquer the world.. You can thank me later ! Muaah! 

Start your shenanigans right by wearing in the clip in hair extensions. They are easy to put so no rocket science here!.. once you get the desired volume, slay it with the following looks-

Style 1- 

This is perfect for the good girl trying to add a little oomph, as this provides a lot of volume to the  hair and keeps it away from the face as you move around trying that new step.

Step1- Side part your hair. Choose the natural side parting as it helps keep the hair in place.

Step 2- Firmly tuck behind your ear, the hair on the side with lesser parting.

Step 3- Take out a bling clip and place it strategically above this ear.

Step 4- On the side with the more parting, run a comb well so it appears well in volume. 

Style 2-

This is the go to look for the modern chic who strikes the right chord between practical-hair-when-im-dancing and sexy-hair-accentuating-my-shimmy.

Step 1- Place your Strandbyme clip-in hair extensions from the lower part of your crown

Step 2- Once the volume can be seen, make a partial puff and tuck it in place with pins.

Step 3 – Now gathyer the rest of your hair and make a full pony tail.

Step 4- leave some side flicks on each side of your face to give symmetry to the puff.

Style 3-

This is for the lady who likes to do out of the box things namely letting your hair up instead of down!

Step 1- With the extensions all placed, gather all your hair and make a full high pony tail.

Step 2- Coil this pony tail on top of your head to make a bun.

Step 3- Add in support with pins and a hair spray for extra firmness.

Step 4- Comb well behind as the back of the head can be seen visibly in this look.

Have a goodnight girls and remember Santa’s watching.. Have a Merry Christmas ! XoXo!