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Flipping Over 2017

Happy new year my lovelies!

While 2017 went in a breeze with my fabulous self doing all the oh-so 2017 things from trying the crazy eyebrows to 100 layers of extensions and the not so oh unicorn coffee/rainbow bagels and hippie things I have mixed feelings for, I can say I am glad to be in 2018.

2018 sounds so full of infinite possibilities!

Since all of you know the ‘extension’ of my heart is the hair, my 2018 resolution is to make revolutionary hair flips but before that I need to kiss 2017 finally goodbye.

Here I am listing some fun hair flipping moments of 2017 to bid a final adieu –

  1. Lily Collins- Lily Collins at the Globes party is how I would be at my glamorous party! Her upswept hair with a braid in between was as nouveau and tres belles as my French allows. She gets my 5/5 hair flip tip!
  2. Kim Kardashian- You knew it right from the start her name was going to come up. Oh, how we love keeping up with the kardashians, literally! We won’t lie and say we loved the silver hair on the first go. The team at Strandbyme had mixed feelings as she has colored her hair blonde earlier and we all know how that one went kaput. But this time the shade her stylist Chris Appleton chose was just apt without being too jarring on the eye. However, we miss the pochahontas haired Kimmie as it makes her a little humanly relatable (if that’s possible) to us – her Indian counterparts. She gets my 4.5/5 hair flip tip!Clip in hair extension strandbyme
  3. Katy Perry- We were hot then we were cold, but now we have made up our minds. We feel she looks absolutely adorbs with the short hair cut. The pixie style bob makes her look younger, more iconic, more rockstar-ish. Our only little but- this hairstyle is done to ‘wrecking ball’ death a.k.a Miley Cyrus. We give her a 4/5 hair flip tip!                                                             clip in hair extension strandbyme
  4. Cara Delevingne- She has the perfect face, she has the perfect brows but now she has the perfect hair (well almost there hair). This shaved head for her new movie sent a little shock wave albeit a pleasant one. She is one of those few oval shaped face ladies with chiselled cheek bones who can pull any look and she shows it here without trying to hard. She gets a 3.5/5 on our hair flip tip!clip in hair extensions strandbyme
  5. Claire Foy-   The perfect stiff Queen of England went badass with these short tresses and we still are reeling over it! We hear for her new role she is getting piercings and bleached brows and we are gung ho over just how different she would look. We feel this look makes her seem more feminine and accentuates her features. She gets a 4/5 on our hair flip tip.

        See you on the other side darlings! Over and out <3