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Diwali with 'Lakshmi'

Women, let's face it - we love to dazzle! I, Miss.Strandbyme love being the center of attention at the party circuit.. not that I have to ever try hard. I guess I was just born under a spotlight.!

Coming back to why I'm addressing you lovelies today is to talk about Diwali!

Diwali is the biggest festival in India . The brightest the glitziest affair where the country is trying to outbling each other. From scrubbing homes, polishing floors, getting those diamonds to shine, Diwali is also about cleaning the home and preparing for this Hindu new year! But often we forget self cleaning and de cluttering .. I have just gone through my wardrobe and cleaned out last season's passé chokers and culottes and please no more embroidered flowers. It's definitely worked for the good as I'm motivated to shop already :p

Also since the country and the prime minister are so much into the Make in India initiative I've decided to figure my new year resolutions this year on the Indian new year i.e. Diwali ! Ain't I super smart ;)

My new year resolution is to make every hair flip count! Might sound a little placid to some of you, but why not , Main Apni Favorite Hoon! As some of my existing patrons know I believe Love is in the hair and this Diwali too I’m brimming with so many ideas in that brain of mine under my gorgeous hair. So you know everything lies under the tresses!

Sharing this vision of hair love is my darling friend Lakshmi Manchu whose name is enough to make that heart beat, the stomach do somersaults and the butterflies to harlem shake it! When I shared with her that I’m looking for a hair to toe cleaning of myself this Diwali she immediately decided to #strandbyme. With all the soirees she’s invited to and how she’s always ‘tressed’ to impress I know she speaks with loud volume!

Here are some inspiring hair tales Lakshmi has created with Strandbyme luscious thick original Remy hair extensions to be the head turner this Diwali-

Diwali Card Parties look-

The Queen can always manage to look like she’s living the jackpot life, even with that poker face. In this stunning red wrap around gown Lakshmi looks like the queen of hearts! Her Parisian chic vibe was made easy with this look-

Step 1- Wear your strandbyme extensions.

Pro tip- Take another shade of extensions like Lakshmi Manchu here did to create a highlighted look!

Step 2- Use curlers, rollers, tongs but just curl ‘em up!

Step 3- Keep them curls super tight. As tight as you can.

Step 4- Open them and use a hairspray to lock in tight bob style curls!

Diwali evening soiree look-

The bling is in the nude this season. Lakshmi Manchu opted for  a metallic nude saree and side swept hair that looked graceful yet festive. She’s party ready yet she’s got her classy mode on!

Step 1- Put on your Strandbyme clip in hair extensions.

Pro tip- Take the same shade as your hair as this hairstyle looks best with enhanced volume.

Step 2- Do a parting with more hair on one side and lesser on the other.

Step 3- Take all your hair into a pony, double roll it and knot it up.

Step 4- Place this knot on one extreme side and pin it securely.

Diwali Luncheon Look-

When the diwali lunch parties happen I don’t believe in bursting patakas but I firmly believe in looking like one! Here Lakshmi’s look is very fun yet oozing oomph and making her the diwali diva!

Step 1- Put on Strandbyme easy peasy clip in extensions that are faster to place than make noodles!

Pro tip- Choose extensions slightly longer than your own hair to add length!

Step 2- Give your hair soft curls.

Step 3- Open the curls and twist them while spraying them to create cascading waves.

Step 5- Place one side of hair infront while the other behind as with #strandbyme volume now isn’t a problem. Hair looks thick 360!


Diwali casual Look-

With so many parties to attend let’s not forget Diwali also means guests coming home too! For greeting friends at home, Lakshmi opted for an understated casual look and a hairstyle that doesn’t look over the top yet is perfect!

Step 1- Don on your original remy hair extensions from Strandbyme.

Step 2- Take large volume of your hair on one side.

Step 3- Make a half pony of this.

Step 4- Take one strand of your hair and twist it and take it back.

Step 5- Secure the half pony with it.