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Spring’s here, Hair’s why you should care!

With the sun out and the sunblock firmly in your totes, here’s welcome some spring! Darlings, there is a spring in my feet as I see the gorgeous flowers around and sip on my cold buttermilk. I can’t help but wonder how Meghan Markle is feeling before her big wedding, I’m sure she’s having some hair wrecking moments. I on the other hand am total royalty ready (Henry you missed me by two aisle seats on that flight love); I even have my lovely crown of hair extensions to prove it. Everyone’s wondering how I am so peachy and balmy this spring considering till last year I never wanted to have anything to do with spring and had possibly considered...

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Flipping Over 2017

Happy new year my lovelies! While 2017 went in a breeze with my fabulous self doing all the oh-so 2017 things from trying the crazy eyebrows to 100 layers of extensions and the not so oh unicorn coffee/rainbow bagels and hippie things I have mixed feelings for, I can say I am glad to be in 2018. 2018 sounds so full of infinite possibilities! Since all of you know the ‘extension’ of my heart is the hair, my 2018 resolution is to make revolutionary hair flips but before that I need to kiss 2017 finally goodbye. Here I am listing some fun hair flipping moments of 2017 to bid a final adieu – Lily Collins- Lily Collins at the Globes...

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Girls Night Out

Diwali is over darlings and so is the season of blingOfcourse I Believe in Santa Claus & Christmas and Santa knows I have been a good girl this year!  ! I'm all for hearts and flowers, but with #selflove as my 2017 mantra something about sisters before misters is what keeps my female entourage going.. Having my girl gang beside can almost equal having a good hair day ;)  There's nothing like letting my hair down and about and spending the night away having some mimosas and channelling my inner Marilyn Monroe.. I'd say Audrey but Breakfast at Tiffany's is too mainstream.. I'd even say let's have a Pajama party but honey, sleepovers are so passé! So love, have a...

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Diwali with 'Lakshmi'

Women, let's face it - we love to dazzle! I, Miss.Strandbyme love being the center of attention at the party circuit.. not that I have to ever try hard. I guess I was just born under a spotlight.! Coming back to why I'm addressing you lovelies today is to talk about Diwali! Diwali is the biggest festival in India . The brightest the glitziest affair where the country is trying to outbling each other. From scrubbing homes, polishing floors, getting those diamonds to shine, Diwali is also about cleaning the home and preparing for this Hindu new year! But often we forget self cleaning and de cluttering .. I have just gone through my wardrobe and cleaned out last season's...

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What’s Your Hair Quality Type?

What’s Your Hair Quality Type Are you the wavy sorts frizzy or are you the twisted one making the most volume? Are you all in forcascading curls or poker straight a.k.a badgirlriri?Take this quiz and find out what exactly is your hair quality type! What’s your age? Under 20 In the dirty 30s In the naughty 40s I’m the thrifty fifty I’m not saying! How easy is it to style your hair? As easy as a wink A little a more than than 15 minutes A good 30 minutes.. No snooze buttons for me :/ An hour but hey I am high maintenance I’m never ever fully done! How thick and silk is your hair? They call me Rapunzel! They...

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